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Do you have a desire to experience the Ofoten region, with places such as Narvik, Beisfjord, Håkvik, and Ballangen etc. with their fantastic hiking opportunities and their beautiful nature, or maybe just experience the surrounding area and what it has to offer.

With us you have the opportunity to rent for only 3 hours, 1 day or longer trips / stays.

Our bikes are of a high standard and we have a varied selection for varied needs and excursions.


The bikes are picked up and delivered to Narvik or Beisfjord.

Our prices vary from:

from NOK 300, - (NOK) for 3 hours
from NOK 500, - (NOK) per day

Included in the rent are loans of bicycle helmet, vest and bicycle lock.

Tel: +47 462 53 935

For special requests or inquiries please email or call before any booking.


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