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Rules for motorcycle rent

  1. We offer class A bikes.

  2. The minimum age requirement to rent is 21.

  3. You are required to show your drivers license and passport upon pickup. 

  4. The motorcycle comes with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank.Otra Inn will deduct 500, - of the deposit if the tank is not refilled.

  5. You are responsible for all damage applied to the bike during the rent period.

  6. You are NOT responsible for normal wear parts like chain/sprocket, tyres etc.

  7. If you were to return later than agreed we reserve us the right to invoice you an extra 6000NOK if we loose another customer due to your late return. 

  8. You are fully responsible for all fines etc during the rent period..

  9. If your rented motorcycle is to get engine trouble during the rent period we kindly ask you to use your travel insurance to get it towed.

  10. We have a maximum deductable of 15.000NOK/1500EURO if you were to damage the bike during your rent period. *Our bikes are fully insured.

  11. When driving outside Norway, an additional charge of NOK 200 per day is incurred.


We require a deposit at the time of reservation of NOK 1.000,-. The reservation is valid as of reception of the deposit. In the event of a cancellation of your reservation, the deposit is refunded with 50% if you cancel more than one month prior to the pickup date. If you cancel the reservation less than 30 days prior to the rental period, the deposit will not be refunded. 


All bikes are insured, including the driver and passenger. However, we recommend your own medical and travel insurance for coverage beyond our policies. In the event of an accident maximum charge for damages is NOK 15.000/ 1500EURO,- A reservation will be reserved on your credit card at pickup.


Prices and rental periods



Day NOK 1400, -

Weekend NOK 2500,- 

Week NOK 6000,- 

• Day rental is from 10am to 10am the next day.

• Weekend rental is from Friday 10am to Monday 10am.

• Weekly rental is from Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday. Pickup from 10am and delivery before 19pm.

• Other timeframes can be arranged at your request!

• Delivery of the bikes outside regular opening hours will be charged with NOK 500,-

Extra equipment and delivery to the airport is available with request.

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