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Car renting rules and agreemnet

  • The renter must be 23 years of age and must have a valid driver's license. Exceptions can only be made by agreement with Narvik Rent A Car.


  • Traveling outside Norway's borders requires a written agreement and confirmation from Narvik Rent A Car.


  • The rental car is delivered with a full fuel tank and must be delivered with a full fuel tank.


  • Throughout the rental period, the person who has signed agreement is also responsible for the rental of the car. This also includes responsibilities such as parking fines, speeding, boom costs, towing and other charges and violations that may occur during the rental period.


  • Problems with the engine or accident, contact Narvik Rent  A Car immediately. The renter of the car is responsible for all damages that occur during the rental. If an accident or injury occurs, the renter must fill out the claim form. Mandatory deductible at the time of insurance is max NOK10,000, - (standard insurance) and max NOK 5,000, - (extended / full insurance) but with the exception of gross negligence and careless behavior. (insurance type confirmed on rental order / contract).


  • Checking the oil level, coolant, etc. is the renter's responsibility, damage to the car due to. Inadequate control of these will be charged to renter.


  • If the car is returned with e.g. large amounts of dirt, garbage, empty bottles, etc. will Narvik Rent A Car charge the renter of the car NOK. 500, - for extended cleaning of the car.


  • If the car is returned with defective refueling, the credit card is charged by the responsible tenant of the car.


  • Narvik Rent A Car will charge extra NOK. 300, - to send invoice for defective refueling, not payed parking fines, towing, not payed boom tickets and etc.


  • If the responsible renter does not pay for his meditory deductible in the event of damage, Narvik Rent a Car will charge NOK 10,000, - (standard insurance) and NOK 5,000, - (Extended / full insurance) on the renters's credit card. (insurance type confirmed on rental order / contract).


We wish you a pleasant trip and we hope you enjoy Nordland.

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